340B Administration Challenges

Complete 340B Solution

In response to 340B administrative challenges, we developed SCL 340B CARE. With it, we are able to offer a complete solution that addresses every aspect of program administration and reduces the burdens associated with 340B.  The unique design of our solution allows clients to implement either a turn-key solution or a la carte services to compliment their existing program.

Real-Time Identification and Coding

Our capabilities extend to the real-time identification and coding of 340B claim. This reduces the HRSA compliance issues that occur during retrospective claim classification.

Real-time Processing

SCL 340B CARE offers the industry’s first real-time 340B adjudication platform. We administer 340B management and network development nationwide for Not-for-Profit, DSH, Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC) and other 340B qualified entities. Our technology and administration provides eligible entities the ability to provide more patients access to lower drug costs while reducing administrative costs.

340B CARE Blog

  • SCL 340B Care is happy to share insights, news, and comments relevant to the 340B program to help you stay informed. Learn about current legislation, technology solutions, administrative challenges, and more that impact the program, safety net providers, drug manufacturers, and the health of Americans....

  • SCL 340B CARE offers the tools necessary to ensure patients have appropriate access to medications and dispensing activity is accurately monitored and accounted for. Our end-to-end solution offers: Contract Pharmacy Administration Pharmacy Contract Negotiation Direct EMR/HL7 Connectivity Third-Party Capture, Billing, Collection & Remittance Virtual Inventory......

  • Recently, there has been an increase in legislative efforts for the 340B program. Lawmakers have introduced policies at the state level with the hope that they would prove successful and be adopted nationwide. Some of these efforts could greatly improve the benefits of safety net......